What is it?

“Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. This relatively new field combines pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions) to develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to a person’s genetic makeup.” We utilize pharmacogenetic testing before prescribing your child any psychiatric medication or supplements as part of our precision medicine model.

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We use pharmacogenomics to intelligently prescribe and check for drug contraindications before they happen. ⅔ of patients will not achieve relief with their first psychiatric medications. If our nurse practitioners decide medication could be useful for your child, we will request a full panel DNA assessment to determine what drug interactions could be harmful. We believe in getting medication right the first time. This can also inform our recommendations for supplements if you decide medication is not for you.

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What to expect:

Our nurse practitioners are trained to read and understand the Genomind PgX genetic test. This 24-gene panel will give invaluable information about which drug interactions and supplements could benefit your child. Genetic information is good for a lifetime. The PgX is by prescription only, but Genomind’s mental health map test can be purchased without a prescription.

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