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Children's Integrated Center for Success
Every Child, Every Time
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The SUCCESS model has been developed in partnership with parents and children to address the whole child and the whole family. Studies suggest that when a comprehensive, supportive approach to evaluation and intervention occurs, the possible positive outcomes are greatly enhanced.


Our model starts with consideration of the:

Symptoms that bring you for help. A thorough evaluation is then recommended based on the initial interview. This may include meeting with one or several therapists on the team and completing a single or multiple assessments.


Understanding of the functional and family issues is achieved in partnership with families and as a result of the evaluation process. Results from testing, interviews and other evaluations are all considered by our therapists, discussed with families and ultimately utilized to generate a plan for success.  

Coaching is the term we use to describe our philosophy of working with children and families. The concept of coaching implies recognition of child and family autonomy. In other words our patients own their own lives. As professionals on their team, we help them to identify strategies and courses of action that lead to skill attainment, sustainable behavior changes and improvements in quality of life based on what they want to achieve or what works for their individual situation.


Counseling is incorporated in a variety of ways utilizing a variety of evidence based modalities. From supportive family counseling to our full service Behavior Support Program and beyond, we offer a full range of services that will provide your child with the best tools to achieve the best possibilities.


Educational planning, support and advocacy are part of the overall picture of success for our children. Often the educational system that is designed to meet federal laws and the medical system that is designed to diagnose and treat disease become a source of confusion and frustration for children and their families. We work hard to translate the options from both perspectives and address the individual needs of every child.


Strategic use of medical modalities can also be an important piece of a plan for success. Our comprehensive evaluation and use of state of the art genetic assay allows our medical providers to provide a more personalized medical approach to children if medication is being considered. Looking at the whole child, we consider nutrition, exercise, and general health in addition to mental health in planning care.


Support is the final component addressed in our SUCCESS model. At CICS we understand that children and families grow and change over time. Our commitment to our families is based on the expectation that we will work together over time to achieve the greatest possible success. We see support as foundational to long term success.